Data Pipelines & ETL

Is your data located all over the place?  Are they like pieces of the big picture trapped in whatever system they live in?

Maybe you have someone skilled enough to painstakingly put the pieces together each month without making the mistakes commonplace in manual data manipulation.  Will they be with you forever?

Reliably and regularly moving the small buckets of data into one big pool is the point of ETL.

Cloud Based NoSQL databases with integrated security like Google’s Firebase and SQL, Virtual Server, or Cloud ETL offerings from Microsoft Azure are delivering huge value, especially to small customers because of their sheer economies of scale and their competition to gain market share of larger organizations’ storage needs.  They typically let small customers start small for free, and it’s easy to scale up if you become lucky enough to need it.

It’s really a drastic improvement from the not-too-distant past, where any significant data made managing on premises servers necessary.

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