Data Verification & Governance

One classic paradox in life is that, very often, some of the most important tasks are just not very fun.  Data verification and audit methodologies could be included in that list.

In practice, the unfortunate outcome of avoiding such tasks is that they often become minimized or overlooked.   In the case of an information project, they lay quietly waiting and incorrect for weeks, only to become glaringly obvious once the stunning, insightful visuals are used to explore the data.  Your powerful analytics platform basically becomes a microscope that displays this distracting wrong-ness in terrific detail.

When building an information model out of data we need to be able to understand where information comes from, what exactly it defines, and how to adjust for changes that occur over time… because the consumers of the data will too!

Methods must be in place which assure that calculations are consistent, gaps in data are noticed if they occur, sensitive data can be independently tested via other means, and so on and so forth.

We have the expertise to troubleshoot, develop, and audit these methodologies.  It’s truly a great service to have someone else come in and do the not-so-fun stuff, if you really think about it.

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