Data Visualization

If a report never gets looked at, does the information exist?

Few in management roles will admit it, but cumbersome reporting: those with endless rows of tabular data are rarely worth the investment to create them.  Even though most of the hard work has been done, asking the end user to painstakingly piece together the patterns and most relevant aspects of traditional reporting can destroy most of the effective value to an organization.  It’s a shame.

After all, the goal of reporting is to leverage the trust and knowledge built during the development process in order to deliver actionable information.  This requires quite a few things really effective: Useful contexts, rapid comprehension, and most importantly a format which supports both actions and adaptation are key among these.

Effective communication by means of data visualization is beginning to be recognized for it’s real value, but is often significantly marginalized… to the detriment of many organizations.

We believe Microsoft’s PowerBI is a transformative tool in this space: letting ordinary small organizations do great things and gain tremendous insight.  It’s adaptability is impressive for custom work, but costs basically nothing as long as massive amounts of data are not being stored.

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